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FCI has are five Lender options for Reports and Servicing Data:

  1. Live Customer Login: Clients view Live Servicing Data, and basically see what the Servicer sees. There are 14 programmable packaged reports available, as well as drop downs to create dozens of Custom Reports. This data is downloadable into your system, where additional information can be added to create desired internal reports. You have the same data, plus more report capabilities, than with packaged In House Servicing Software (without the work, liability or cost). This is included in FCI’s Servicing (no additional fee).

  2. Standard Data Distribution Reports: These are Industry Standard Reports sent at stated intervals to the Client’s FTP Site. There are 4 Sample Reports to choose from. Certain Clients want these instead of pulling data from their Customer Login. There is a modest $360 Setup fee and a $70 per month Annual Maintenance Fee for each Report.

  3. Custom Data Distribution Reports: These are specific Reports requested by Clients that FCI’s dedicated programmers create. Typically, large Clients (National Banks, Hedge Funds) want these written to match their systems. The cost is the Setup Fee, plus programming hours, plus Annual Maintenance Fee. There is an initial Scope of Work Fee with a $1000 deposit for feasibility review, analysis, and Report design, (any difference is refunded if the final fee is less than the deposit). The SOW Fee is 100% credited against the Setup Fee if Reports are ordered.

  4. API Connectivity: This is a Client connection directly to FCI’s proprietary Loan Servicing System using the same engine that powers FCI’s industry leading LIVE Customer Login. PULL Capability grabs any field in FCI’s system and connects it to any 3rd party software. PUSH Capability drives 3rd party information directly into FCI’s system. API PUSH Capability is unlimited. API PULL Capability is unlimited. Log into your Lender Customer Login and click on “API Registration Key” to get your API Key. This is included in FCI’s Servicing (no additional fee).

  5. Private Financial Technology Blockchain: FCI Lender Services and FCI Fintech have collaborated for over a decade to create new Loan Servicing methodologies to resolve issues and increase efficiencies for our Clients.

    Now, with FCI Fintech’s industry leading patent-pending technology, Loan Servicing transactions, documents and records are held in the Blockchain as Unchangeable, and Immutable with Loan Records in a Transferrable Technology which operates in conjunction with FCI’s proprietary servicing software.

    The FCI Advantage with Blockchain means clients can:

    • Transmit BK and Foreclosure Files to attorneys with a key stroke.
    • Instantly transfer all (or select) Loan data to Creditors and Auditors.
    • Set up Backup Servicing for anyone servicing their loans (third-party Servicer or In-House Servicing).
    • Use Backup Servicing to satisfy Funding Facility requirements.
    • Instantly transfer all Loan Data for Loan Sales.

    FCI’s Private Blockchain utilizes Interplanetary File Systems (IPFS), Smart Contracts, Parachains, and cNFTs explained in FCI Fintech’s available Blockchain technology “White Paper”.