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FCI uses industry leading API (Application Programing Interface) to exceed industry standards for processing thousands of monthly Payoff Demand Requests.

Within minutes of receipt of a Payoff Demand:

  • The Requesting Parties (Title, Escrow/Closing, Attorney, Borrower) will receive confirmation of receipt. Authorization must be obtained from the borrower or borrower authorized 3rd party to request a Demand for Payoff.

  • The Payoff Demand will be sent to the Lender/Broker/Originators for approval.

FCI will review and send the approved Payoff Demand to the Requesting Parties within hours of receiving the Lender/Broker/Originator approvals.

TOTAL PROCESSING TIME is subject to Lender/Broker/Originator response times and State/Federal Regulations over which FCI has no authority. However, FCI will send daily reminders for approval to the Lender/Broker/Originator with copies to the Requesting Parties (Title, Escrow/Closing, Attorney/, Borrower).


  • PAYOFF REQUEST/DEMAND: $30 minimum that the Lender or Borrower is obligated to pay depending on Federal/State Regulations.

  • UPDATED PAYOFF REQUEST/DEMAND: $30 minimum that the Lender or Borrower pays per Fed/State Regulations. for approval.

FEES NOTE: Fees in the 50 States, plus Counties, can run from zero to as high as $700 (Nassau, NY) and can change at any time. The correct amount is calculated at the time the Payoff Request is submitted and will be in the Payoff Demand sent to you for approval.