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CUSTOMER SERVICE:  For Borrower or existing Lender general inquiries, please contact Customer Service toll free at (800) 931-2424 x651, or email help@myfci.com.

BORROWERS: For general inquiries, please contact Customer Service above. To submit a written Notice of Error or Information Request or Qualified Written Request, you must send them to:  FCI Lender Services, Attn. Consumer Requests, P.O. Box 28960, Anaheim, CA 92809-0112; or fax them to FCI at (714) 282-2425.  To insure customer information security and privacy of confidential information, all written requests must be signed by the Borrower.  Please include Full Name, Loan Account Number, and a description of the error or information/documentation requested.

EXISTING LENDER/INVESTORS:  Please contact your departmental representative, or contact CUSTOMER SERVICE at (800) 931-2424 x651, or email help@myfci.com.  

POTENTIAL LENDER CLIENTS:  Use the form below to request more information about FCI and the services we provide.  Please complete all fields with your information and click "send request", or call us at (800) 931-2424 Ext 203 to leave a message and we will get back to you.

PAYOFF Requests/Demands:  Send your request to payoff@myfci.com, or Fax: (714) 282-2429.  Allow 3-5 business days to process, subject to Lender response times and State Regulations. Fee is charged according to State Regulations.

Verification of Mortgage (VOM) Request:  Email your request to help@myfci.com or Fax:  714-282-2429.  There is a $25 fee.

Borrowers looking for LOANS:  We are a Loan Servicer for Lenders.

CA FORECLOSURE Information:  CA Trustee Foreclosure support with California TD Specialists:  Sale Line (844) 477-7869, listings at web site www.stoxposting.com.  Please understand that no other foreclosure information is available, (Regulatory).

REOs, PROPERTIES:  FCI is strictly a Loan Servicer/Collector for Lenders.  We also cannot release Client or Servicing information, (Regulatory).

VENDORS:  FCI is a large national In House operation and we do not have any IT, Field Service, Real Estate Agent or other Vendor needs. Please understand that it is difficult to respond to solicitations since our time is spent serving thousands of clients.

BORROWERS and EXISTING LENDER/INVESTORS please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE above, (do not use this form).

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