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FCI Lender Services, Inc. (FCI) is a leading national Non-QM and Private Money Servicer providing a variety of services for Lenders, and one of the nation's oldest Specialty Loan Servicers. 

FCI has the distinction of being a national Servicer that is Rated by Fitch, with SOC 1 (SSAE 16) and MBA USAP audits assuring reviewed Compliance and Servicing Processes for your safety.  FCI is an approved Private Money, Freddie Mac (FHLMC), VA and Non-QM Securitization Servicer that offers a full spectrum of Loan Servicing, Collection, and Workout options locally or nationally for all types of Loans, and is approved to receive existing HAMP modified Loans for servicing;  (Private Label, FHLMC, or VA direct servicing and reporting may be available on portfolios of 10,000+ Loans). FCI also offers Lenders Backup Servicing for portfolios at other Loan Servicers or at In House Servicing.

By partnering with the experienced staff at FCI, Institutional Lenders, Non-QM Lenders, Banks, Credit Unions, Private Money Lenders, Private Money Brokers, and Private Money Loan Servicers of any size can have all aspects of servicing their Standard Loans (secured or unsecured), Hard Money Loans, Construction Loans, Bridge Loans, DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) Loans, or real estate secured Delinquent Loans handled by FCI as the SubServicer acting at the direction of the Lender (Owner of the Notes).


Outsourcing Private Money Loan Servicing to FCI frees up our clients to concentrate on building their businesses. Let FCI become your professional back office. Our programs are designed to reduce overhead, replace variable costs with predictable fixed costs, minimize the risk of costly overstaffing, reduce liability, give the benefits of the finest systems available, and give the Private Money Broker, Originator or Lender a very professional look. A significant benefit of using FCI for Private Money Brokers, or Institutions, is the increase in Investor confidence and trust that comes with knowing a significant independent third party Rated Servicer is handling their money. View a cost/income comparison of Outsourcing vs. In-House processing including income producing Servicing.


Most servicers use packaged software which means manual work responding to diversified Lender requirements, as well as handling 50 states of constantly changing regulations. In 2012 FCI worked with Centurion Servicing Software to develop Loan Level software specifically for the unique demands of this industry. Our software allows us to put specific Lender, State requirements and Federal requirements on each individual loan. When requirements change, FCI dedicated programmers are able to update the software within days rather than months. This dramatically increases efficiencies, allows us to meet varying Lender needs, and reduces the potential for error from manual handling. This specialized software also allows us to offer the industry leading Customer Login to Live Servicing Data, as well as API PUSH/PULL direct connection to loan servicing data.


FCI’s Live Customer Login sets an industry standard for information access, transparency and full disclosure. Private Money Lenders, Brokers and Mortgage Fund Managers can access all their Loan information and instantly see payments received, funds disbursed, Late Letters, collection and account notes as they happen. Clients are also able to sort data to create dozens of custom views and export to Excel to create custom reports. See a sample Dashboard. See above “Reports & Data Options” tab for the four Data Options including API PUSH/PULL connectivity.


Since 1982 FCI Lender Services dba FCI has offered a comprehensive family of services to the greater Private Money industry. FCI and its experienced staff have earned an industry wide reputation for professionalism and results. View more about our history and staff at About Us.  


If you believe that there is an error in your account and you would like to submit a notice of error to FCI to resolve the error (Notice of Error); and/or, if you want to submit to FCI a request for documentation and/or information regarding your mortgage loan account (Information Request), you must mail your Notice of Error and/or Information Request to the following exclusive address: FCI Lender Services, Inc. - Attn: Consumer Requests, P.O. Box 28960, Anaheim, CA 92809. We do not accept a Notice of Error or Information Request sent to any other address or submitted to FCI by telephone, fax, or in any other manner, although you can call us if you have any questions about the Notice of Error and/or Information Request process. Your Notice of Error and/or Information Request should include the name of the borrower(s), the mortgage loan account number, and a description of the asserted error and/or the specific information and documentation requested.  

Please be advised that FCI Lender Services dba FCI is a debt collector, and is attempting to collect a debt.  Any information obtained will be used in furtherance of that purpose.


NEW YORK: This site is not authorized by the New York State Department of Financial Services. No mortgage solicitation activity or loan applications for property located in the State of New York can be facilitated through this site.

NEVADA Collection Agency Requirement: NV License CAD11620. Compliance Manage CM12561.